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Marcelo Fabián Pereyra, whose stage name was Fabián Show (Pozo del Molle, Córdoba; June 10, 1966 – Bell Ville, Córdoba; December 10, 2016), was an Argentine entertainer and cuarteto singer.

With his characteristic look, his way of interpreting songs and his witticisms in the different stages he visited, he entered the Argentine world of cuarteto in the mid-2000s. He performed songs such as “Conga”, “Volverás a mi cama”, “Tengo mujer”, “Chiquilina”, “El Federal” among many others. El Rincón de Amigos, a program on Bell Ville’s Channel 2, was the local TV program where he was able to display his particular way of performing his songs. He also used to appear on screen with Rosalía, better known as “la bailarina del pueblo” and Pichirica, who performed songs together with Fabián and who undoubtedly also contributed to give him the characteristic stamp that gave and still gives a lot of joy and laughter to the people who come to watch his videos.[1].

He gained notoriety at national level from his presentation in the television program Sin Codificar in 2012 hosted by Diego Korol, after which his videos began to go viral through social networks, especially YouTube and WhatsApp, in the first mentioned platform the visualizations of his musical performances passed millions of views.[3][4]

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En la actualidad, esta cuatrista y vocalista de 24 años de Caguas tiene la distinción de ser la primera mujer afro-puertorriqueña que estudia el cuatro y se gradúa en el Berklee College of Music. “En Berklee, los guitarristas e instrumentistas me ayudaron a ver el cuatro como un instrumento armónico. La experiencia me inspiró para improvisar y aplicar técnicas de jazz al cuatro”.

Los oyentes pueden escuchar los resultados en su álbum de debut, titulado Al Otro Lado del Charco. La canción que da título al disco incluye armonía de jazz, improvisación, compases extraños y ritmos, y la letra describe su viaje y evolución musical. “La vida en Estados Unidos es dura”, dice Méndez, “pero no habría crecido tanto si no hubiera venido a este lado del charco”.

El cuatro fue creado en el siglo XVIII por los jíbaros (campesinos, gente del campo) en la región montañosa central de la isla. Antiguamente, el cuatro se tocaba en los velorios, las fiestas de la cosecha y los mítines políticos, y era una parte indispensable de la vida cotidiana. No es de extrañar que la mayoría de los cuatristas, tradicionalistas y “guardianes” sean hombres, que consideran que el instrumento debe tocarse de una “determinada manera”. Sin embargo, una nueva generación de cuatristas, un pequeño número de ellos mujeres, está inyectando sangre nueva y abriéndose paso.

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Undoubtedly the best showman in the history of rock is Sir Mick Jagger. His incomparable charisma, his way of singing, his dances, his movements from one side of the stage to the other began to amaze everyone since his beginnings in the sixties and became even more accentuated with the incursion of the Rolling Stones in their vibrant and mega tours with which Mick conquered audiences all over the world.

Robert Plant was always considered one of the greatest singers of all time. His powerful voice, which could be as resonant as it was high-pitched, broke the mould, making blues and rock more aggressive, setting trends and being one of the great pioneers of metal and of future singers who wanted to match him. If we add to that his image, a kind of mystic Viking, with his particular movements and exclamations on stage, he became one of the most favorite leaders of all rock lovers.

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We were working on material for the second one, but we had our differences in what we were going to do musically. Sometimes it happens in musical relationships and partnerships. No hard feelings, it just didn’t work out, it makes me sad to be honest.

Haha, I think I’m a bit of both. I can’t stop writing and composing and I always try every song first. I love to sing. What can I say. And I’m glad that people around me pushed me to record the Code Red album. It means a lot to get the recognition. I loved the new material and felt it was the right opportunity to do it.

No, we are all completely overwhelmed by the positive response. And from the whole AOR community in so many countries. It’s amazing. We knew we had some strong melodic tunes and it felt good when we released them. We’re very happy with the album, but you never know. And fortunately, there are a lot of people who liked the same songs, with melodies and good vibes as we did.